Hi everyone,

Working on adding more albums so we can share our "now" pics on here. So much has happened in four years!!! We'd like to see what you've been up to. Will keep you posted...Bulldog Committee
Ernie Perez


THANK's to everyone who attended last nights event. It was AWESOME! I think we can all agree we had the times of our lives! 

Here are some pics I-Terri took of last nights event when I went around bugging everyone for their pic :) Sorry for all the pics of me!!!

PLEASE feel free to add your own pics for those classmates who could not attend can see. We missed you!...

C'ya all in 5 YEARS!

lily moreno,juan favela,Maggie Lopez & marylou samaniego  20th reunion Garfield High School  we had a blast!!!!!!!


Here's another album for those who want to add their pic's as well. Please add captions if you'd like. Thanks everyone for sharing your pic's and taking the time to do this!

Patty and Nancy G.


Thanks to everyone for participating in the album section of the website. Due to the tremendous response, I've had to enter a third album so that others can upload their pic's. Thanks-

10 Year Class Reunion

10 YR Reunion Pic's

Lupe Robles asked to post some pictures of the 10 year reunion for all to see. Enjoy...
Others were missing

Sept 19th Casino Nite

Wow, one year ago on this date we had another Casino Nite...Thanks to everyone who attended this casino nite and helped celebrate the birthday boy; Tony Solorzano. People who attend: Sandra Sandoval, Donna, her hubby Joey, and sis Sylvia, Lisa Leija and her hubby Jesse, Tina Pinon, Elena (Tony's cousin), Thomas (Tony's brother), Candice Elorza, Candis Oshira, Lupe R., Tina Mancilla, Miguel Moran, Lily Cerda, Maggie Lopez, Liza Adrian, Angel, Albert Morales, Nancy Perez and friend, Art Ariaza, Ceci & Nancy, Ismeal Navarro, and others that were also Garfilednians from older classes. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

There are still some people missing from this picture!

Bulldog Picnic 7/18/09

A big thank you to all the bulldogs who attended our first annual Bulldog Picnic. Twenty-three families showed up for this event. Although it was somewhat of a small group, we can all say we had a wonderful time. Enjoy the pics! More of them are posted on Facebook.
Class of '88 is in the house.

5/29/09 Casino Nite at the Paloma Room

Thanks to all of the bulldogs that showed up to this event to celebrate not only Casino Nite but Juvie and Steph's 21st BD's. Here's some pics we took of the event and feel free to upload any that you may have taken. It was a great turnout!
The gang at Casino Night in Feb.

Feb 09 Casino Night

Thanks to all those who attended Friday's event: Lupe Robles, Albert Morales, Patee Loera and friend Sonia, Juvie and Blanca, Lisa Leija, Donna Mendoza and hubby Joey and sister Sylvia, Lorena (class of 87) and friends, Art Ariaza, Tina Mancilla, Mando Garcia, Gil Zepeda, Rocio Torres and hubby Oscar, Lola (Albert Garcia's sis), Jorge Salas and g/f Bernie and cousin Maurice, Myra Nuno, Manuel and John (class of 88)...if I left others know please email me! Thanks again for making this a joyous event!
Let's kick off this album with a group shot!

January Casino Night 1/17/09

Thanks again bulldogs for making this a memorable night! Another huge success. Looks like our events are growing with more and more bulldogs coming out. Enjoy the pics! Thanks to those who shared their pics on the album and to Lupe Robles for some great pictures!
Group shot of all the Bulldogs that attended yesterdays (12/21) potluck. Thank you all for showing up!!!

Christmas Potluck

On Sunday, another Christmas potluck was held at John Rodriguez's home. This party too was a huge success were many bulldogs attended. Enjoy the pics and thank you all who attended this event. A special thank you to Ms. Leticia Rodriguez who made this event possible and Jose Cuevas (who came on his birthday!) to DJ for us.

Let's start this album with the birthday girl Tina Mancilla. Happy 21st BD girl!!!

Casino Night 12/13/08

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA! Thanks to all of you that showed up! Casino Night was a huge success. We had about 30 people and mostly new faces along with the OG's (you know who you are!). Enjoy the pics! Attendees: Lupe Robles, Letty Casteneda, Tina Mancilla, Donna Campos & hubby, Lisa Leija, Rocio (Roz) Torres, Sandra Sandoval, Carmen Garcia, Mando Garcia, Renee, George & Eddie Salas, Cookie, Celia Morales (89), Art Ariaza, Albert Morales, Lily Moreno, Nancy Gonzalez & hubby, Aaron Campbell, Juvie & Blanca, and couple others I will add names soon as I remember!
Lori Ochoa and her husband Ric. Class of 88!

Lost Classmates

This album is dedicated to all those classmates who did not attend the reunion for whatever reason. If you have made your way to this website, please sign the guestbook and upload a pic of yourself so we all know that you are alive and well (and to reach you for the 25th reunion as well!). Thank you!
Girls night out at Zendejas


THANKS to Patee Duran, Lily Moreno, Lupe Garcia, Lola Garcia, Albert Garcia, Albert Morales, Letty Casteneda, and the others who attended for a fun night. Party on crew!!! This was Friday...the latter pics were taken at Patee's friends party on Saturday...
GHS 26 RHS 7

5th Qtr Dance Photos

YEAH!!! Garfield won 26-7!!! Enjoy these pics from the 5th Qtr Dance held at QC's on Friday, 11/14/08. Go Bulldogs!!!

Only fitting that we start the album with Maggie's pic..oh yea that's Blanca Mora-Nunez next to her


Classmates feel free to add pics from your Halloween Party as well. The first pics are from Maggie Lopez's Halloween Party held on Sat., 10/25/08. Thanks!

Sept 19th Gathering

Thanks to Yvette & Ben Granados, Lupe Robles, Cris Jimenez, Juvie and Blanca Nunez, Letty Grajeda and her boyfriend Bryan, Robert Ramirez, Albert Morales and friend, and latecomer, Albert Gomez for a successful evening! Michelle Becerril, Lupe Garcia, Adrian Gonzalez, Aaron Campbell, Angel Benavides, Juan Favela, Ingrid, Joey and the Mancilla sisters...I know you couldn't make it this time, but hopefully next time around you can! We had lot's of fun and we hope you can join us next time around. 

Seeking all Bulldogs & ELAC Roughriders...

We are seeking all classmates from Garfield HS & Roosevelt students who attended ELAC in 1987 & 1988.
Yearbook Cover


This album is being created by Cris J. for all those who attended the ELAC Ext program back in 86-88. Although we were separated from Garfield due to overcrowding, we still are one. Go Bulldogs!

Graduation Day at ELAC 1988. Left to right: Xochilt, Jose, Esther, Terri, and Maria.

Graduation Pics

If you have any graduation pics you'd like to share, please post them for all to see. Thanks!
Letty, Esther, Laura, and Amelia at one of our dances back in 1987?

Senior Dances

You can put any picture you'd like on here from our high school days...I started it off with two that were passed on to me by Laura Sustiata peer.

Delilah Me Part of the Cheer Folder...

Cheerleader's Album

Pictures were provided by Patty Loera for all the cheerleaders to see! Enjoy.